Gay wedding photographer

The Netherlands is the perfect country for a gay wedding. The Netherlands was the first country to open marriage to same sex couples. Exactly at midnight 1 April 2001, the mayor of Amsterdam executed the first same sex marriages in the world. 15 years later this was remembered with the famous I amsterdam sign in rainbow colours.

I amsterdam in rainbow

Nowadays most Dutch professional photographers treat all people who want to get married the same. But since a photographer is very close to you during this very important day in your lives, it is important to have a good feeling with your photographer. And I am a gay man, and a professional photographer.

So if you, as a gay / LGBTQi couple are planning your wedding in The Netherlands, please contact me to get to know each other personally. Then I can show you my work and only after that you decide if you want to hire me.

General information (still in Dutch, sorry…) on the page huwelijksfotografie.

Some of my photography during (gay) events in my website, including the boat of Sebastiaan and Jan-Geert who wed in the morning of the canal parade 2015. Directly after the wedding they arrived at their wedding boat where 70 friends were already waiting for them.

gay wedding Amsterdam

Please contact me for more information!


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