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Welcome to Erik Verheggen photography, corporate photographer in the south west of the Netherlands. I am located in Hoogerheide, near Bergen op Zoom. This is 55 km south of Rotterdam and 25 km north of Antwerp, Belgium.

Thorough preparation and attention to detail are characteristic of how I like to work. This is how you get the photo(s) you are looking for.

Looking for a corporate photographer? Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to discuss your needs and how I can meet them.

New: Photo on the wall!

My most beautiful photos can now hang on your wall within days!Foto aan de muur: Rijksmuseum bij nacht

And this is how the photo on the wall might look:

Many of my photos are taken in very high resolution.This allows for extra large prints. And they are still razor sharp! Check out the entire collection on the Photo on the Wall page. Some of these photos are great for businesses as well!

Corporate photography

Your goal is the starting point. No more and no less. Clear advice, clear agreements and fast results. This is what you can expect from corporate photography by Erik Verheggen.

Erik Verheggen is Street View trusted fotograaf

On the Corporate Photography page you will find detailed information and a number of examples of my work.

All companies are welcome! From multinationals to start-ups and freelancers. Everyone gets the photos they want.

As a Trusted Google Street View Photographer, I can make your business highly visible on Google Street View.

In addition to “regular” photography, I specialize in the creation of complete interactive virtual tours based on360-degree photography.

Photos in very high resolution

It is possible to get very high resolution images of up to 50 megapixels. Ideal for high detail enlargements of two meters or even more!

With special techniques, I can create much larger photos. See this megapanorma of 5586 megapixels that I created in 2022.

Do you have any questions? Would you like a quote or would you like to hire me?
Please contact me by phone +31 6 16 47 56 52 or


Work area

Until 2022 I lived and worked in Amsterdam. Since March 2022 I live in Hoogerheide. This is just south of Bergen op Zoom. My working area is West-Brabant and Zeeland. I also work in the rest of the Netherlands and Belgium. But if you need a photographer elsewhere, I am happy to be of service.

At the moment I don’t have my own studio. But it is possible to create a pop-up studio at your location. For example, portrait and product photography can be done in this studio.

Do not wait any longer and contact me (during office hours) by phone +31 6 16 47 56 52 or e-mail!

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