Delivery of photos in Smugmug photo album

You just received an email with a link to your photos. These photos are stored in the cloud, using a Smugmug photo album. If you click the link in the mail, this is what you see:

uitleg smugmug

Now you can see all your photos directly online, using a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. The symbols for slide show and full screen presentation are self explaining. (If not… please let me know).

To download all the photos, click the arrow button in the right top corner.
To download the current single photo, click the arrow button at the bottom right corner.

Please use the filename if you want to discuss a certain photo. (Not the numbers right below the photo).

The link to your photos is not index by Google. If you still want more security about who has access to your photos it is possible to add a password. Please reply to the mail you just received from me and I will add a password.

And if you have any other questions about the photos or this presentation in a Smugmug photo album, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Are you interested to have your own Smugmug site?
Use this link: